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Wednesday, October 21, 2009
guitarr. :]

so 2nd grading has passed and 3rd grading has come. time to learn something new. one of our P.E topics for this is the guitar. (straight to the point kaayu ko. lol) well. as what i've known for myself, i don't know how to play it. :| i just got a little interest on it at first. but time passed and my heart reserved a space for guitar. haha. naunsa?! baw. basta. feels like i'm more eager to learn guitar now than before. i know it takes A LOT of time to learn those chords and strumming stuff but there's nothing to hurry up for. our teacher told us that it'll be okay if we can pause or stop2x as long as the chords are right. ma'am understands us. wee ^^ our practicum would be this monday. well, i got 4 days more to practice. :-o gooooodluck to mee. :D i hope i can get a score on this. haha. bsan gamay lng. :)) and btw, i'm going to learn "Crazier" by Taylor Swift. its just a 4-chord song, more or less. and i'm beginning to even love the song. wew. :)))) my friends also got addicted to it. like. aww. nevermind. not mentioning names here. haha. bsta amethyst. :P i think that song would be repeated over and over again during the practicum. many got copies of the song man. :D its niceee man pd. :) Taylor Swift!

and one more thing, goodluck to Bless Saldivar for tomorrow. :| here's our deal with ma'am: if Bless can't perform well like how ma'am wanted it to be or if she got any mistake, all of us would suffer by reciting the oration AGAIN. :(( well. expect the unexpected. life is unfair. haha. :D gooo Bless! my dags. :P mao sguro na gift ni ma'am nmu. hehe. she knows sguro nu? :)) bsta. GOODLUCK. I WISH YOU THE BEST. :D

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