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Saturday, September 12, 2009
intrams '09 day 1.

what time is it? intrams time. HAHA. okay, so we're team trojans, the blue one. :D its time to compete in different sports. who wins, wins. who lose, lose. :) that's life. :P

we started with a short-and-useless parade. haha. it just took minutes 'cause it just pass by nothing but the school. lol. didn't even overpass by anything. unlike before, we went around bws' vicinity and turned around the iceplant area. now? changed. haha.

so, when we went to the gym, we seated in the bench with the olympians and titans by the other side of the gym. everything started in the banner raising. sadly, we lost 'cause our flag was broken. we got the last place. :((

everybody cheered on and like, the gym was overcrowded. :)))) after that, it was followed by the mr. and ms. intrams. our representatives [trojans] were kristoff, janelle, gladys and alberto. unfortunately, i wasn't able to see them "rampa" because we we're told to dress up for the upcoming cheerdance. and i was one of them. so we got dressed up, put on make-up, latex paint and blue silver dust. and one last, the ribbon.

before we went to the gym, we got a last-minute practice of our cheerdance. and we immediately proceed to the gym. a basketball game was held, too, between the dragons and pacifics? or shall i say, student varsities vs. the adult/parent thing. i dunno how to describe them. haha. in between the quarters were the cheerdances of the 3 teams. we were the first to present. followed by the olympians. and lastly, titans.

after that, noon came and it was time to go home. the afternoon was all about the games and trivia stuff. sports trivia. we got nothing to do, no sports to join and so, we got our cams out and took pictures. we went all over the school while talking about some interesting topics. listening to music was never a miss. haha. we so looove music. :P

we had a lot of fun. chikka, eating, laughing and stuff. :) the first day of intrams was a blast. :D

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