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Sunday, August 30, 2009
funny thing. ^^

eiii. i'm back. :) after a long break of not posting blogs here, i've decided this time to continue it on. keep the ball rolling. ^^

have you noticed? for the whole month of august, i've only posted a blog during 15 and 30, which are the middle and last parts of august? HAHA. weird kaayu. karun pa man gyd ko naka.free time na wla juy gbuhat. ang kay dghan kaayu mga bday celebrants bsta august. hala gyd. palit gifts. hatag dre ug hatag didto. haha. :)

i just wanna say happy happy birthday for those 2 people whom i've known to be having their birthdays tomorrow, august 31. and may you receive more blessings from God. ^^

and to update you with my grade, i haven't reached top ten FOR NOW. awww. how sad no? hehe. okay ra na. mada rag smile. pero top 3 man pud ko sa chinese ug ika.7th ko sa CL. :P atleast nalng nasuwat akng name oi. hehe. mu bawi ra ko inag 2nd grading. :) i know i can do this. chaarr. :D :D

during this month gyd ang kina.gamyan na blogs na akng na.post. 2 ra gud. haha. :) loserr kaayu bayts. :))

september's coming naaaa. yeyy! intrams. intrams. :) excited naku. go TROJANS! :) sana kita ghapun ang champions. haha. and we demanded them na 1 week ang amu intrams. haha. para ma.extend ang rest&leisure period. saunz. high school naman gud. hehe. pero lngaw bya pud. so lets make this 4-year-high school life be a memorable one. ^^

wa na daw uso tuon bsta high school? tnuod? haha. idk. ingun ang mga alumni. well, maybe? hehe. pero goal ghapun naku ang ma.part sa top ten. bsag ika.10th nalng. atleast nakatung2x. hehe. btaw. tnuod. :)

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